Politics aside, three cases that occurred during the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S Capitol complex illustrate the value of marking property in such a way that it can be readily identified and traced back to the rightful owners by good Samaritans and the authorities.

Federal Asset Tagging Regulations – My Property ID Registry

Case 1

Because every table, chair and lamp owned by the federal government in the U.S. Capitol is marked, and its details registered on a central database—much like is done with the license plate and VIN of a motor vehicle—lost, stolen and pilfered items can be identified and traced back to their last known location and used as evidence to convict.

US Courts DCD (courtlistener.com)

Case 2

USAO-DC Complaint & Statement of Facts (justice.gov)

Case 3

It should stand to reason that a record is kept by police departments when a badge is issued to a specific officer. Even though there was ample video footage and eyewitness testimony that a crime had been committed, the perpetrator was not charged until the badge was recovered.

Statement of Facts FINAL (documentcloud.org)

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