No matter where on the planet the military goes, we ship for free —

Our business has partnered with Military Cost Cutters and its veteran-owner, Aaron Serrano, to bring our product to members of the military at a discount. Our low-tech security system can be delivered to any APO/FPO, and once received and installed, follows you no matter where on the planet you go.

In the military, there is a critical need to keep control of your personal belongings. I wish it weren’t true, but the military has crime problems just like the rest of society. Our product is a crime fighting tool and a lost & found. Our product is based on the decades-old, yet proven, strategy called Operation ID, endorsed by the FBI. Let two police officers from Victoria, Texas, explain how it works in its simplest form.

Military personal lose valuables too

With our system, the serial numbers of your valuables are stored in the cloud and easily turned over to MPs to be entered into a national database for investigation purposes. But there’s more. Every one of your high-value items gets marked with an industrial strength asset tag with a unique number that is tied to you the moment you order. You also get warning signs that you can put onto trunks, storage lockers, doors and windows.

The tags and signs are a warning to thieves that your items aren’t just tagged, but registered. Being caught with stolen property that is tagged or registered is like being caught with marked money. The perp is going to the brig and maybe even to Leavenworth.

Don’t underestimate Good Samaritans

Finally, there are still Good Samaritans in this world. You might get a stolen item back if a bad guy steals your property, realizes it’s registered, and tosses it. Or maybe you’ve simply lost or misplaced something. All a Good Samaritan needs to do is go to the FOUND page of our website and enter the unique number on the tag. You’ll get a privacy-protected email with information about how to retrieve your item.

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