There are no guarantees, but there are deterrents —

The My Property ID Registry security system has a deterrent effect because burglars are less likely to target portable items that are registered and marked. This is based on research done over the last 50 years that relates to the Operation ID concept, as well as corporate asset management strategies. Because you place warning signs on doors and windows, this means burglars are less likely to target your apartment, condo, home, dorm room or small business. The risk of getting caught is too great.

Having a security alarm and surveillance cameras is great, but the My Property ID Registry system is a simple and proven strategy that adds a layer of protection. Even as a stand-alone, anti-theft strategy, the My Property ID Registry security system is always enabled—it’s always on and does not rely on any moving parts, electronics or power. It works during electricity outages and during floods. It works in remote areas and in poorly secured, high-density areas such as colleges and universities.

An asset tag the size of an address label is an effective deterrent

The My Property ID Registry security system also works for mobile devices in that it safeguards cell phones, tablets and laptops from theft because the items are marked with asset tags. More importantly, you will have recorded the serial numbers on the free database that comes with the My Property ID Registry system. The serial numbers are what the police really need when you file a police report after a burglary or theft. Have you ever wondered why the police shrug their shoulders when you’ve had something stolen? It’s not because they don’t care. It’s because they can’t help you without the serial numbers.

Lastly, the numbers on the asset tags are unique and tied to your account. Don’t be so cynical. There are many Good Samaritans who are willing to help you recover a lost or stolen item if they can. If a mobile device is password protected, it’s just a paperweight to the person who finds it. The My Property ID Registry URL and your unique number is on every tag. All a Good Samaritan needs to do is use the privacy-protected portal on the FOUND page to send you a note about your item’s location.

Maybe you aren’t aware that the FBI, and the US Department of Justice have endorsed Operation ID. Maybe you are unfamiliar that governments, hospitals, corporations and universities use asset tags on all of their property, and have entire departments dedicated to tracking it all. Just because you aren’t aware doesn’t diminish the fact that these are proven and effective strategies. The My Property ID Registry security system is a great addition for your security needs.

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