No need for microchips or bar-codes when you have eyeballs —

With a pet recovery system, valuable dogs and cats are micro-chipped. Before that, they were tattooed. Valuable portable electronics and tools need neither because there is a serial number embedded in the item when it is manufactured. In addition to micro-chipping, owners often add a tag to their dog’s collar with a name, address and phone number. My Property ID Registry provides you with ID tags for your valuables.

Pet owners participate in this type of pet recovery system because they know the chances of having both a registered and tagged dog or cat dramatically increases the odds of getting them returned. Just as with a pet recovery system, My Property ID Registry, partners with you to register and tag your portable electronics and power tools.

One-time cost with no recurring fees

For $29.95, with no subscription fees, you get a proven low-tech security solution. You get a tool that repels burglars and increases the odds that lost and stolen items will be returned. For one, low cost, you get warning signs for doors and windows,10 asset tags tied to your account, and a free database for the lifetime of your products.

These features combine to give you two powerful tools. You get a global lost & found for Good Samaritans to reunite you with lost or stolen items. You also get a crime fighting tool to help the police who enter serial numbers of stolen items into their global databases at the NCIC.

Based on a longstanding criminology theory

Our product is based on a decades-old strategy called Operation ID. We take Operation ID and combine it with the asset management strategies used by hospitals, corporations, governments and universities. The police continue to widely recommend the strategy

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