Whenever I do a presentation or make small talk with people about MyPropertyID, it is inevitable that I’ll hear a story about a theft or loss of personal property. In many instances, the owner can point to a piece of property and swear it belongs to them, but unless the authorities have a way of proving ownership, it will not be returned.

How are stolen cars returned?

Unfortunately cars get stolen, but it’s also true that 60% of stolen cars are abandoned by thieves because it is difficult to sell them. This is because even when the license plate and registration are removed, the car can be returned to the rightful owner. How? It’s because the police can check the vehicle identification number (VIN) on a national database.

What about the serial numbers of all your other stuff?

It’s just not practical to have citizens register the serial numbers of all their other valuables on a central database. But by not having a personal record of serial numbers, if your belongings are ever lost or stolen, you’ll never be able to prove any of it truly belongs to you. At MyPropertyID, we provide you with a simple way to record serial numbers that can be easily accessed.

Our private database

Instead of storing the serial numbers of all your valuables on a national database, MyPropertyID stores your serial numbers on cloud-based, privacy-protected servers that only you can access. If you are ever the victim of a crime, it’s up to you to file a police report and give the authorities the make, model and serial numbers of the stolen items. This is so the information can be entered on the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases.

How Good Samaritans can help?

Imagine if a Good Samaritan were to find an abandoned car with the license plate attached and was able to go to a website to enter the plate number and state. Then an anonymous email—that shares no information about the recipient and limited information about the sender—would be sent to the rightful owner alerting them to the location of the car? That’s what every MyPropertyID asset tag does for any item it is adhered to.

Lost and misplaced items

Who hasn’t left an item on a plane or in an airport? Whose kids haven’t left items at a sports event or on the school bus? Who hasn’t left something at a restaurant or hotel? Most people are honest and, if given the chance, will make the effort to return lost items if it’s easy to do so. At MyPropertyID, it’s just a click away for a Good Samaritan or the authorities to reunite you with your property.

Tag and title your stuff.

The serial numbers are for the police to fight crime. They are stored on your private database for you to retrieve in the event of a crime. Serial numbers are pure gold to prosecutors. Any serial number proven to belong to you will be used to convict criminals. Because of this power to convict, the asset tags act as a warning to thieves. But the asset tags also help Good Samaritans and the authorities get belongings conveniently returned to you.



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