There are only five widely-accepted, well-researched, crime-prevention strategies recognized in the United States. Yes, there are some other strategies that might have some promise, but it’s the Big 5 that still reign supreme.

It’s not about crime deterrence

Crime deterrence is a psych-out used against criminals. Things like locks on doors and lights on timers deter crime. A full-size cutout of a cardboard police car sitting by the side of the road is a deterrent.

It’s not about crime fighting

Crime fighters are law enforcement professionals. It is crystal clear what they do. At the extreme, they charge toward danger and confront violent offenders.

It’s about crime prevention

Crime prevention is distinct from crime fighting and crime deterrence. Crime prevention is the partnership between law-abiding citizens and law enforcement professionals. There are only five fully researched and nationally recognized crime-prevention strategies.
9-1-1 Emergency
National Night Out

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Associations

Operation Identification

Frontiers in crime prevention

Are video doorbells, alarm systems, and security cameras a deterrent or preventative? Is Amazon Neighbors just another tool for the police? Is Nextdoor just a glorified gossip website? What about the push by police departments to interact with citizens on social media? The jury is still out.



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