I was very fortunate to be interviewed by Jeff Stein of KXEL, News/Talk 1540, broadcasting from Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Iowa Business Report, as its name implies, focuses not only on what Iowa businesses are up to, but also explores business concepts that may be of value to other Iowa businesses as they grow.

Business Owners As Educators

There is value in business owners being educators. It’s important to be able to talk to people intelligently about what your product or service is all about, and how you expertly provide value to your customers. This YouTube video of a trucker explaining how to shift an 18-wheeler has been seen well over nine million times.
How to shift an 18 speed transmission – YouTube

50,000-Watt Flamethrower

KXEL-AM is what many affectionately refer to as a 50,000-watt flamethrower. These are what are known as clear-channel stations that don’t power down their stations at night. For that reason, still today, late at night, it’s possible to hear radio stations in Canada and Mexico, and from coast to coast in the United States.
Clear-channel station – Wikipedia

Syndication Across Iowa

Not only does the Iowa Business Report play on KXEL, but it is also syndicated across the state of Iowa. The show can be heard on KASI/Ames & Des Moines, KFJB/Marshalltown, KGLO/Mason City, KSCJ/Sioux City, KALA/Quad Cities, KROS/Clinton, KMA/Shenandoah, WMT/Cedar Rapids, KXIC/Iowa City, KSIB/Creston, KVFD/Fort Dodge, KOIL/Omaha, KRTI/Newton, and KGRN/Grinnell.
List of radio stations in Iowa – Wikipedia

Jeff Stein’s MyPropertyID Interview

Having the chance to be interviewed by a professional journalist and radio announcer who has researched MyPropertyID and its history is just wonderful. It makes answering even the tough questions a snap. Jeff Stein does a great job of making you feel comfortable while teasing out information that is of value to his listeners. This is my 14-minute interview with him.
IBR Business Profile — My Property ID (Jon Shelness) (buzzsprout.com)

Listeners can hear past recordings of the Iowa Business Report, both the weekend half hour and the weekday show, and much, much more, by going to TotallyIowa.com


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