Avoiding cancellation of inland marine insurance is not as hard as you think. It takes just a few simple steps to protect your portable valuables prone to loss and theft BEFORE a crime is committed. Inland marine insurance – Wikipedia

If you’re a contractor covered by inland marine insurance, you’ve heard this story over and over again. A contractor is the victim of a crime and has all their tools stolen. The insurance company covers the loss but doesn’t pay the replacement costs. Then, to add insult to injury, the insurance company jacks up the rates. The next part is more common than you think. A contractor is the victim of another property crime, and the policy is cancelled.

In order to drastically decrease the odds that you’ll be the victim of a property crime, contractors must participate in a strategy invented by the police called Operation Identification. Operation ID is somewhat akin to a D.I.Y. version of how motor vehicles and trailers are registered at the DMV. Operation ID is comprised of three critically important steps. Safety Minute 85: Operation ID (youtube.com)

There has always been an element of inconvenience to implementing Operation Identification, but My Property ID Registry makes the process, easy, online, secure and global. Everything you need for storing the make, model and serial numbers in the cloud is at your fingertips, and the tags for marking property and the warning signs for windows, doors and vehicles arrives in the mail. Police-Accepted, Security System and Lost & Found (mypropertyidregistry.com)

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