In its day, New York State was a national leader in the development and rollout of Operation ID. In 1978, Frank J. Rogers, Commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justice Services, released a publication called, “Operation Identification Program Guide.”

To the Citizens of New York State:

To The Citizens of New York State:

The identification, recovery, and return of lost and stolen property has long been a concern of the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Through the Bureau for Municipal Police and Office of Crime Prevention, this Operation I.D. program guide has been developed to answer this problem. Herein you will find an explanation of the program, how it works, and can best be implemented. The guide is the product of many hours of research and preparation and may well set the trend for expanded Operation I.D. programs throughout the United States. We hope it will serve you well.

Frank J. Rogers

The Heart of Operation ID

Operation I.D. is one of a series of statewide programs coordinated by the New York State Office of Crime Prevention. The program is designed to discourage burglary and larceny from homes and businesses by the engraving or marking of property with an easily traced identification number. In the event that the property is stolen and recovered, the program will facilitate its return to the rightful owner.

The Value of Warning Signs

The window warning sticker not only must assure the burglar that the property is indeed marked, but can also reflect that the homeowner is “crime prevention conscious,” which can be a reinforcing factor. After all, if the citizen has taken the trouble to mark [their] property, the burglar may wonder, “what other measures [have they] taken?” Often this can be enough to prevent an opportunistic burglary.

Enhanced Operation ID

My Property ID Registry is simply an enhancement of the decades-old Operation ID strategy. Our strategy still consists of the same three basic components:

  1. Property is marked with a traceable identification
  2. The make, model and serial numbers are recorded
  3. Warning signs are posted on doors and windows.

Our product is a state-of-the-art security system:

  1. Property is marked with a globally traceable ID tied to the internet for ease of return worldwide
  2. The make, model and serial numbers are stored in a privacy-protected, cloud database
  3. Warning signs with IDs, already tied to an account, arrive in a mail-order kit that ships and works globally
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