If you are a criminal justice major at a college or university, you can earn extra money by selling the My Property ID Registry security system to students, staff and community members. Our security system is a law-enforcement-accepted enhancement of a strategy endorsed by police, sheriffs and the FBI, called Operation Identification (Operation ID).

Educate Yourself

Below is a simple, 10-minute training module we have used across the country. With nearly 15,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, it’s tough to reach them all. Operation ID Training Module – My Property ID Registry

The advancements underlying My Property ID Registry require a bit of study to understand as well. Asset Management Standards – My Property ID Registry

It’s important that you order a free sample of the My Property ID Registry security system so you can evaluate it for yourself (10-tag Personal Plan). We would encourage your local law enforcement agency to do the same. Operation Identification, though decades old, is not well understood. The OAN on the NCIC – My Property ID Registry

Due Diligence

Many colleges, universities and law enforcement agencies endorse the Operation Identification security system. The link below is a comprehensive list of campuses and police departments with web pages dedicated to the topic. Try doing a web search for your specific campus or other schools in your state. Operation Identification Police – Google Search

Talk with the crime-prevention specialist at your local law enforcement agency. Share information you have learned about Operation Identification and My Property ID Registry.

Also, virtually every college or university has an asset management department that keeps extensive recorders of all campus property.
Capital Assets Management | The University of Iowa (uiowa.edu)

Talk to the leaders of your school’s asset management department and share information about Operation Identification and My Property ID Registry.

How We Share Profits

Every seller of the My Property ID Registry security system is issued a unique promo code that gives your costumer’s a 10% discount on any size order. We also keep a tally of your orders on our database. Depending on your volume, we’ll usually get you paid electronically or by check on a monthly basis. Our standard rate is $15 per sale.

To get started, in addition to the free sample we send you, we’ll provide you with a promo code for nine (9) more free sample kits to give away as you see fit (10-tag Personal Plan). We’ll also mail you promotional materials as needed. Lastly, everything mentioned above will be captured in a contract which we will provide to you if you’re interested.


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