The value of a high-end purse —

Without the serial number intact, the value of a high-end purse drops dramatically. Cut the serial number off and there is no resale value.

Why thieves don’t rip off large institutions

Thieves know that it’s the serial numbers that lead to convictions. They don’t rip off computer labs at universities that are wide open 24-hours a day because they know every item has the make, model and serial numbers registered on a database and that the staff will dutifully file a police report and the police will in-turn enter the serial numbers into the global databases that every legitimate reseller checks.

Thieves depend on your ignorance

The same is not true of individuals, homeowners and small businesses. Thieves know that you might have locks, alarms and cameras which they easily overwhelm with crowbars, earplugs and hoodies. They count on your ignorance to avoid the one weapon that makes it hard for them to profit: registering serial numbers.

DIY Home security.

Locks, alarms and cameras are fine. The more the merrier. An asset management system is the added layer of security missing from your arsenal. Remember, burglaries occur when nobody is at home. If you have a dog, great. If you have a gun, it will likely be stolen unless it’s locked in a vault.

Don’t be cynical

If enough of us pull together and start registering the portable electronics, power tools and garden equipment burglars routinely target, we’ll begin to see crime rates drop. At least they’ll leave you alone and go after your neighbor.


The ID tags and warning signs are meant to alert burglars to bypass your house and move on to the next place. The ID tags and warning signs are also there to help Good Samaritans reunite you with lost or stolen property. The serial numbers are the weapon that gets thieves caught, convicted and jailed.

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