There’s no simple solution for overcoming jet lag. There isn’t an app for that or a drug you can take. We live in an age where we are always seeking shortcuts and easy fixes, but in many instances, it still takes a bit of work to get things done.

Making the Adjustment Takes Days

The rule of thumb is that it takes a full day to adjust to a one-hour time change. Even when we change the clocks in our homes in the spring and fall, it takes a day or two to adjust.

Adjust After You Travel

Anyone who has traveled across multiple time zones, knows how disorientating it can be. Many people choose to just suck it up and deal with the jet lag upon arrival, but there is another way.

Jet Lag in the Comfort of Your Own Home

It takes discipline, but the best solution for overcoming jet lag is to get up an hour earlier or an hour later every day until you are partially or completely adjusted to the time change before you travel.

No Shortcuts for Home Security Either

Try as we might to find shortcuts for our home security needs—security cameras, alarm systems, video doorbells and tracking devices—the police continue to endorse only one security system called Operation Identification and My Property ID Registry is the state of the art.

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