Security services will use any tool no matter how small —

In the United States, Homeland Security and the TSA utilize layered security tactics at airports from “curb to cockpit.” In other words, they utilize multiple strategies to keep the bad guys guessing.

My Property ID Registry suggests the same tactics should be used in your home or business. Whether it’s a dorm room, apartment, house, truck or small business, our security system works in the same way. The approach is old-school, yet proven to repel burglars and help the police.

Something so simple, yet so effective

Our security kit, and accompanying database, is designed for portable electronics and the electric and motorized tools burglars target. The system works whether you are on the move or staying put. It works during floods and without electricity. It’s great for outbuildings on farms and hunting lodges in remote areas.

You get warning signs for doors and windows; commercial grade asset tags like corporations, governments and universities use; and a privacy-protected database to record the make, model and serial number of your portable valuables.

Operation Identification is a proven strategy

Our strategy has been recommended for over 50 years, in one form or another, by police departments across the United States and overseas. It’s still recommended today. Just do a web search for Operation Identification and you’ll get thousands of pages. We just make it easy and online.

Relying on just one security strategy is not enough. Our security system is that extra layer on top of your existing security measures. It’s a one-time cost with no recurring fees. Our security system lasts for the lifetime of your valuables. Consider us today.




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