Are you looking for a cheap security system or cheap home security? Look no further. Not only is the MyPropertyID security system inexpensive, it’s a modernization and enhancement of what law enforcement professionals have been recommending to citizens for over 55 years, called Operation ID. This 30-second YouTube video explains

One Time Cost

As low-cost security systems go, MyPropertyID has other value-added features. How about a one-time cost? Yes, that’s right! MyPropertyID has no recurring fees. It’s a single charge for the life of the valuables it’s used on. There are no monthly costs and there are no hidden fees. We really mean it.

No Charge for Postage

At no additional cost, MyPropertyID security systems ship to all 50 states nationwide, to all military installations worldwide and to all U.S. territories overseas. Also, at no additional cost, our strategy ships to every functioning country on the planet with reliable mail service. USPS International Service Suspensions

Privacy Protected

MyPropertyID is supported entirely through your orders. We do not make any extra money by exploiting the information you provide to us. You’ll notice there are no terms of service you need to agree to before ordering our strategy. There is no fine print. Also, your data is not searchable by law enforcement agencies except in very serious cases where a court subpoena forces us to comply.

Benefit Company

MyPropertyID is what is known as a benefit company. Most of our profits go to the following public services.

  • We offer free and reduced security systems to those in need
  • We provide free warning signs to departments of public works to be placed in neighborhoods
  • We build dedicated, turnkey websites for neighborhood associations
  • We have a profit-sharing arrangement for those selling our strategy
Simple to Install

MyPropertyID is a low-cost security system because it’s easy to order and install. It takes just minutes.

  1. Go to our BUY page and order the kit that’s right for you
  2. Our product will arrive in your mail box in a matter of days
  3. Everything you need to get started is right inside the envelope
  4. Adhere tags to the valuables that are prone to loss and theft
  5. Login to your account to add the make, model and serial numbers
  6. Post warning signs on doors and windows to scare off criminals


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